“impressionist painting of a greek goddess holding up four fingers ”

“painting of a mythical beast with four heads”

"a photo of the rapper Nas holding up only four fingers"

“painting of a greek goddess holding up four fingers by vermeer”

"bronze sculpture of the number 4 on a marble table"

"a pencil and watercolor drawing of an anthropomorphized number 4 with happy eyes"

"Francisco Goya painting of four wretched creatures"

"historical black and white photo of an american football game with all players on the field wearing only the number 4"

“rocks clearly spelling out the number 4”

"photo of john wayne holding up four fingers, looking at the camera"

"a still from a michael bay film of 4 planets entering a black hole"

"apollo 11 mission photo of a flag with the number 4, flag being held by an astronaut on the moon"

“mc escher drawing of the number 4”

"the number 4 written in the sand on a beautiful beach"

“four monoliths side by side, in the style of 2001 a space odyssey”

“baroque painting of the number 4 in the horizontal and vertical center, with a tropical landscape surrounding it”

“bauhaus painting of the number 4”

“the number four on the back of an ice hockey jersey worn by a young athletic man pointing at the number”

“dramatic painting of winter, summer, spring, and fall”

"a painting of the four horsemen of the apocalypse"

“the number 4 in the claymation style of the nightmare before christmas”

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